Words On Music


Words on Music

Rock Journalism Missing Presumed Dead

What makes a great rock book? Can musicians and writers ever agree? Should they? Can rock writing aspire to be an art form? Or is it just an easy route out of serious journalism? Is it dead? Or reborn in a new world online? And, eternally, are all rock writers just frustrated musicians?
The discussion will centre around game changers such as the erosion of traditional publishing revenues, industry trends including subscription and distribution models, and possible industry responses like multi-channel convergence and centralized metadata repositories (only kidding!).
Questions that need answering include: What will next generation E Books look like? How will fibre to the home impact Print and Audio? Where will value shift to in the Music Publishing Industry? Is technology a threat or an opportunity?
The format is deliberately informal, with a chance for everyone to put forward their views in an open online discussion via twitter.

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