When The Screaming Stops

‘Unrelenting behind-the-scenes darkness.’ Bookseller

‘Best music book I ever read… a stunning story … very dark, very detailed, a difficult and incredible read. Brilliant.’ Adrian Durham, talkSPORT radio

‘Spence pulls no punches in a well-written book that takes a thorough approach to its grubby subject. It’s all here in profuse, sticky detail … justifiably dives into the excesses of the music industry cesspool.’ The Irish Times

‘Riveting.’ Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian

‘Very well written … full of nastiness and sleaziness …  sordid and distasteful characters …  the music industry side is very, very well done. Recommended.’ RTE Radio 1

‘An unsettling, enjoyable and thorough investigative work … brilliantly researched. The definitive band biography.’ Samira Ahmed, BBC Radio 4

‘An impressive work with some truly fantastic set pieces.’ Johnny Rogan

‘Brilliant from beginning to end.’ Nicky Campbell

‘Lifts the lid on the squeaky clean 70s teenyboppers.’ Writing.ie, Music Books To Watch Out For In 2016

‘They were five handsome wholesome boys but their gilded lives masked a maelstrom of depravity, shocking by even the standards of rock ‘n’ roll.’ The Scottish Daily Mail

‘A comprehensive, forensic, study.’ Matt Bendoris, The Scottish Sun

‘Incredible.’ Eammon Forde

‘Lurid revelations about incessant sexual abuse and record industry rip-offs … the first full account of the horrendous saga of the Bay City Rollers and their impossibly sleazy manager Tam Paton … stomach-turning, grim, often jaw-dropping reading.’ Record Collector

‘A grim but fascinating account … a well-written expose … disturbing and absorbing … anyone who thought this boy-band prototype was as clean-cut as their tartan-striped dungarees will be in for a shock.’ The Australian, Book of the Year

 ‘In terms of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery Led Zeppelin have nothing on the Rollers … tells of how manager Tam Paton was a “Mr Big” of the Edinburgh drug trade and died surrounded by gun-toting enforcers, rent boys, cocaine and bin bags filled with £1.5 million in cash.’ The Daily Record

‘Detailed horror laid out … unsparing tales of tawdriness … tenaciously researched.‘ The Beat

‘One of the most depraved and debauched stories in rock history.’ The Scotsman

 ‘The full horrific story of the “Scottish Savile” Tam Paton and the Bay City Rollers … Spence should be commended for his brutally forensic detail over 540-pages interviewing Rollers, associates and victims … not for the squeamish.’ Mojo

‘Behind the pop sheen lay a dark and terrible history of a band rooted in financial mismanagement, bullying and manipulation on the part of their manager, Tom Paton. The story is spelled in devastating detail in author Simon Spence’s excellent book.’  Gigwise

‘Full of shocking revelations … reveals how their manager urged them to have sex with a paedophile DJ and drugged band members before abusing and raping them.’ Glasgow Evening Times

‘Reveals how, in 2016, the band were forced to settle out of court for less than £70,000 each after a decade long court battle with music industry giants Sony in which they claimed they were owed more than £70 million in unpaid royalties after selling more than 120 million records.’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘An unsettling, enjoyable and thorough investigative work … brilliantly researched.’ Samira Ahmed, BBC Radio 4

 ‘Spence pulls back the tartan curtain and reveals what was really going on, and it’s not a pretty sight … a sad and fascinating story.’ Loud and Quiet

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