Roses reviews

Room Thirteen 2/06/12

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The Stone Roses reunion has been one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of our time. With the band set to reform for a world tour this summer, there’s no better time to release The Stone Roses War and Peace; a book that tells the story of a band who defined a generation.

This must have been a difficult book to write; the Manchester four-piece are notoriously media shy, but somehow Simon Spence has interviewed over 80 characters in the Stone Roses story, including seven former band members, and has gathered a collection of unseen photographs.

As with many biographies the majority of key characters are missing, however, Spence notes that the band’s reclusive drummer Reni, was keen to take part in this project before The Stone Roses announced their reformation and went into a media blackout.

The band’s early history is covered in this book, thanks to early bassist Pete Garner and second guitarist Andy Couzens. One of the most interesting interviews in The Stone Roses War and Peace is with legendary producer John Leckie, who provides a fascinating insight into the band’s recording process.

Another great thing about this book is that Squire’s use of cocaine is treated sensitively rather than for shock value, and personality clashes and fights within the band are treated with diplomacy rather than favouritism.

Whether or not you’re a fan of The Stone Roses, this book is a fascinating read, which is well written and easy to follow. It is a must have for any Stone Roses’ fans bookshelf.

Tara Couper