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DELETED SCENES: The Bailey Bothers, Jobling and Shotton, who the Mondays dubbed Tyne and Wear [they were both Newcastle-born], were directing the video. Wilson had loved the promo they shot for 24 Hour Party People and had been further enthused by the Bailey Brothers’ idea of making a music-driven feature film called Mad Fuckers! about Manchester car thieves with starring roles planned for Vini Reilly, Peter Hook and the Mondays. It was decided the video shoot for Wrote For Luck was also a chance to shoot scenes for movie. Shaun, like Wilson, loved the idea of making a movie. ‘You could talk to Shaun about a film you think no one else has every seen and Shaun’s got two copies of it,’ said Jobling. ‘He would quote dialogue. The Mondays were full of interesting stuff they just didn’t show it to anyone. It was like a private thing. Shaun had tons and tons of stuff to play with. They were more intelligent than you would have given them credit for from the outside. They put a bit of a facade up. They also had a tremendous sense of humour about that they were doing. They really, really had a laugh. They were pulling each other’s legs all the time, taking the piss out of one another constantly, there was a genuine enjoyment about what they did.’

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