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12,000 Chords

‘Mark’s a genius as far as I’m concerned,’ said Derek. ‘He is one of the most underrated guitarists. You try and work out what he’s playing on those tracks. He had a book with thousands of guitar chords in it and he knew every one of them and he invented some more himself. He really worked at it, sat there cross-legged on the floor working out parts, overdubs, everything.’ Day said he strove to find something different to enhance each song and would flick through the book, dropping in a chord at random to try it out. That’s how he came up with the guitar melody for a new song that Paul and Whelan were working into a Funkadelic-style workout, ‘Freaky Dancin’’, a song that would become a band favourite. ‘An inversion of a major seventh, slide into a major ninth trying to get it funky,’ Day said.The above paragraph is from the Excess All Areas. Pictured is the actual guitar chord book owned by Mark.