Just Can’t Get Enough

‘Set against the harsh, stark Essex backdrop, Spence’s work is eloquent and structured, curating an exceptional story of creativity, cooperation and expedition. And it’s a superb read, even if you do think Depeche Mode slightly naff. ‘  Record Collector

‘A great read! It covers the very early days of the group & I am featured prominently because I was an eyewitness to that period.’  Boyd Rice, experimental electronic-music pioneer

‘An impressive book shedding new light on the part that their hometown played in molding a band that would go on to sell over 100 million albums.’ Sophia Deboick, The Quietus

‘A special kind of pop biography … impressive and extremely fascinating … goes far beyond simple biographical details.’  Der Spiegel

‘A pearl of a book.’   Musik Express

‘Nuanced, meticulously researched analysis of their genesis.’ The Quietus

‘The best biography charting the very early days of the band up to the Black Celebration era.’   Stereoklang

‘A very fair and accurate representation of the facts … good on Daniel Miller and his musical ideals.’   Rod Buckle, Depeche Mode music publisher

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