Loog extras

I worked with Andrew from 1991 – 2001, primarily on Stoned/2Stoned … it’s a long story but the material fed into other books too (not least my own Immediate Records book).

The Face first took me to his home in Bogota (for a week with zero sleep!) and Arena flew me to Argentina (where he was producing rock band Los Ratones Paranoicos) for a crazy (for me, at least, as he’d just gone tea-total) fortnight in 1996. There were two more much longer, equally memorable trips back to Colombia and lots of work (over 300 interviews and six months in the newspaper library) back in the UK.  An education you can’t buy…

The Face article (below), first couple of pages of a 7-page effort – paid the air fare to Bogota, 1991.

Arena commission (below) – paid air fare to Buenos Aires in 1996

A little about the process in Oldham’s words here

Immediate extras


Unpublished, fully updated 2012 edition (Black Dog)


Unpublished, circa 2002 (Orion)


Original Black Dog 2008


Black Dog final, 2008 (withdrawn circa 2010)

Mondays extras

Q Magazine, 341

“They are one of the few great, distinct, original rock groups, the like of which we are unlikely ever to see again.” Spence tells Q. “There’s much more to the Mondays than having a party – although it has to be said they do that better than almost every other band too.”