Andrew Loog Oldham

“Makes all other attempts to tell the tale of the Sixties pointless.” (Ten Best Music Biographies, The Independent)

Who was the coolest member of the Rolling Stones? Only their manager….” (50 Greatest Music Books ever, The Observe)

Stoned is not a cautionary tale it’s a celebration and carries the hope that any self-respecting impassioned young 19-year-old of today would do the same” (Guardian)

“A sterling work of brutal youth and brash vulgarity… a heady mix of innocence and glamour, uppers and downers, flashiness and outrage, insouciance and deceit” (Time Out)

“A fascinating and original perspective on that heady moment when a buttoned-up Britain finally lost its innocence and…youth culture was born” (Mail on Sunday)

“What a ride and what a read” (Sunday Times)

“Fantastic… The definitive book about music, money, rock ‘n’ roll. Brutally honest, consistently stylish and eminently readable… There is no better history of the period more thrillingly told” (Time Out)

2Stoned is the volume everyone has been awaiting, and it doesn’t disappoint” (The Times)